Each of our daily practices are attended by between 6 and 12 people, with a few more on some days and a few less on others. In order to facilitate a smooth practice, swimmers of “like ability” swim in the same lane. In general, the slowest swimmers are in the end lanes, with faster and faster groups assigned to each lane towards the middle. While the basic workout is the same for each lane (in terms of the types of things that we will work on in practice), the coach tailors each workout to the ability of the swimmers in each lane on any given day. Masters swimming is not necessarily about competitions, racing, or getting ready for swim meets. It can be, but that depends on the goals and aspirations of each individual. We recognizes this and work with individual swimmers to achieve their desired goals. For some, it might be about getting a good low-impact workout. Others are working to improve their swimming for triathlon competitions. All of us, in one way or another, are gently guided to improve each aspect of our swimming–our stroke, turns, endurance, etc. Sure, a few of us do compete, but mostly for fun–nothing too serious.

Swimmers range in age from 19 to… well… significantly more than 19. If you swim, we are most certainly likely to have a lane that’s right for you! If you’re looking to get a good workout, make some friends, and improve your swimming while you’re at it, then Masters swimming sounds right for you! | Schedule | Location | Submit Workout | Calendar |

Decoding the white board workouts

Masters swimmers are intimidating, therefore I don’t want to swim with them!