Hell Week Mugs Are Ready To Go!!!

That’s right! Hell Week! Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!

When: Dec. 26 – Jan. 1

Where: Normal place folks. Normal times – mainly. Check details.

Why: ‘Cause I’m mean!

Totals: 20 Miles (Gold Mug Level) 16 Miles (Silver Mug Level) 12 Miles (Bronze Mug Level)

The Rules: Just get it done in the Dec. 26 – Jan 1 time frame! Workouts are going to be very tough that week (on average 2.5 miles per noon workout), but not everyone can make all the workouts, so putting in extra miles on your own time is FINE. Just keep track and keep me posted. Keep in mind we end big! 100 X 100’s on Jan 1ST!

Complete the mission – you will earn a corresponding mug featuring our stick figure shark mascot on it … Bernardo! (Mug Photos Coming Soon!)

Details: (A/Gold =100%, B/Silver = 80%, C/Bronze = 60%)

  • Monday 26: Noon 2.5 Miles
  • Tuesday 27: Noon 2.5 Miles / 5:30PM 1.5 Miles
  • Wednesday 28: Noon 2.5 Miles
  • Thursday 29: Noon 2.5 Miles / 5:30PM 1.5 Miles
  • Friday 30: Noon 2.5 Miles
  • Saturday 31: 9:15AM 2.5 Miles
  • Sunday 1: 100 X 100/80/60s Over 6 Miles!

Lets get it on!

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